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Do You Have a Homeowner's Insurance?

If not, then it's highly recommended, and here's why - Whether you live in your own house or rent a place, homeowner's insurance can protect your loved ones along with your property in several instances like fire.


ABA Insurance Notary & Tag gives you plenty of options to choose from, so that you can take your pick based on your personal requirements.

Renter's insurance available

Renter's insurance policies are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of renters. Depending on the type of insurance, it can protect your family and can also take care of expenses in case of accidents or some other eventuality.

Why choose ABA Insurance Notary & Tag

With 40 years in the insurance field, there are few others who have the same kind of experience like us. You also have the option to choose from reputed insurance providers and can expect nothing less than exceptional service from us in Bangor, PA.

Save with our insurance services

Unlike some insurance service providers, our rates are reasonable and competitively placed. Also, if you're in active military service, you can benefit from our military discounts. Speak to us to find out more.

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