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Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Everyone's vehicle insurance needs are different. Coverage needs also depend on the type of vehicle. At ABA Insurance Notary & Tag of Bangor, PA, you can find the right type of vehicle insurance based on your personal requirements.


Whether it's a motor vehicle insurance to cover accident expenses or antique car coverage to protect your expensive collection, we have them all.

Get financial support in case of accidents

•  Bodily injury and property damage liability

•  Comprehensive and collision coverage

•  Uninsured or underinsured motorist

•  Medical payments

•  Rental reimbursement

All types of vehicles insured

•  Collectible and antique cars

•  Boats and other marine vehicles

•  Motor homes

•  Motorcycles

•  Four-wheelers

•  Recreational vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.

You can also count on us for boat titles

Besides insurance for your boat, you'll also require a boat title in the following cases and we can help you with it.

•  Boats powered by an inboard engine, including personal water craft (1997 model year or newer).

•  Boats powered by an outboard motor (14-feet in length or longer, and 1997 model year or newer).

•  Boats presently titled in Pennsylvania.

•  Boats currently titled in another state when PA becomes the state of principal use.

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